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So guys. I broke down and made a Facebook Like page. Ive had lots of friend requests from peeps i dont know and this is to prevent fake ones being made like in the past (either as jokes or not lol) Please support me on facebook if youd like to, but I will still update here too!…
Here you go!!!…
Hope you enjoy it! <3
I made a new blog poast!
Please check it out! (Hope you enjoy!!)…
Just got back from Katsucon! Aaah! It was so much fun and I am definitely going back next year. Hopefully by then I will also have bigger and better costumes to bring~

I want to apologize for the photospams ><;;
I have a lot of photos that are going around but I just dont want to overwhelm people.
I really you enjoy my photos though!

P.S. I will try and update this journal more often~
(Im usually using my blog but I just got a job, so even THAT isnt updated)

Love you all!
There have been a few rumors of someone going around that on Steam and Facepunch there is someone pretending to be me/ using my photos.

I just want to say that that isnt me.
I have never played any steam games or even gone on facepunch
I really need true evidence that this person is doing this before anything can be done (like getting them banned).

If you do have any information about this, please private message me. I have a theory on who it is but they havent replied to me yet.

Id really appreciate if this stops though.
Thank you for reading and please continue to support me ヾ(´・ω・`)

- Kohime
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Hey Everyone!
Sorry to keep spamming this everywhere but I entered my casual Kyouko Sakura for the ACP contest.
I would really appreciate it if you could vote for my Kyouko cosplay!
Ive never won any type of cosplay contest, so it would be really neat even just to come close to winning!

Here is the link :…
Just click on "vote for the winners"
and click on the icon of my kyouko.. (which should be this…)
Then just click the "vote this entry" button!
All done~ <3

Any votes are much appreciated!
I love you guys! <333

I also have 2 friends in the Madoka contest!
"Mr.HayleyBear and SpunkyShrip!"
Please vote for them, since you get 2 votes!
I also have a friend with a awesome worm Charlotte cosplay too in the "Everyone else" contest!!
" Evaunit01berserk"
Please vote for him too!
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Hey guys!
Id like to ask you a question! Sorry if it sounds a little self-centered but
I have a chance to go to a shrine and get some cosplay pictures.
Since I wont really have any new cosplays before then, I was wondering if there was any coslay you would like to see more pictures of?

Remember its at a shrine, so I feel like Touhou is the only cosplay i have that would match that.
Please suggest any cosplays I own!

This is a picture of what the Shrine looks like :…

Some things that friends have already suggested:
* Tenshi Hinanai
*Youmu Konpaku
*Momiji Inubashiri

Thankyou for any more suggestions <3
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Blog :
Twitter :!/KohimeBashiri
Formspring :
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So I have returned from Acen!
I had such a fun time and it was great seeing everyone!
The SDM party was alot of party, along with the photoshoot. Too bad i missed the second one :/
But i still had an awesome time! Got to spend time with the boyfriend, try Chicago pizza, party,
and switch cosplays with friends~

The merchandise :
* Kanade Tachibana - Dakimakura
* Kyouko Sakura - H Doujin
* Taiga Aisaka - H Doujin (gift from bf, and is one of my favorites)
* Stuffed "milk" phone charm (gift from bf)
* Remilia Scarlet phone (now camera) charm - (gift from my great friends!)
* Tsumugi Kotouki figure
* Kirino Kousaka Nendoroid
* San - x Stationary Folder
* Ms Sanada - UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie Figure (for a dollar) Haha!

Over all, i had a blast, but i really wish i had more time to do things i wanted to do.
I wanted to play pump a bit more along with visiting some panels and photoshoots.
Ohwell! Not sure if ill go next year tho~

Also, I have a blog! :3
I update it alot more than i do with my DeviantArt Journals!
Please follow me if you can! More information is there! <3

Blog :
Link to photos:…
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Totally pumped!
Going to Acen this week for the first time!
I cant wait to see all the madoka and touhou cosplayers!
I hope people will think my kyouko is good ._.;;
I havent posted pics of it yet so I am just hoping for nice reactions <3
Firday (most of the day) i will be Kyouko
Then Friday night Remilia Scarlet
Saturday morning, Momiji Inubashiri
Saturday evening, Remi
Sunday, my dorky self :<
...and maybe a wig >>

If any of you are going, let me know! Ill try and say hi, or just say KOHIME!
LOL I will post merchandise once im back~

On another note.
Summer school sucks.
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What a lovelly christmas ive had!
My entire trip to Michigan has been awesome!
Ive been spending most of my time with my boyfriend and family!
Christmas eve i went to my boyfriends house and met his HUGE family! 45 people to meet in a small house can get crazy!!! a@
But we sung carols which was actually alot of fun!
I suggest it!

Then christmas day i went to my familys house and everyone opend presents!
My nephiew was very sick tho so him and my sister couldnt make it :c
I hope he feels better!
In honor of them, today were are having Christmas 2.0!

In the present department i got everything i asked for and more!

I got:
A sewing container (to hold all my thread and sewing tools, YAY)
A N64! (My old ones broke and i havent played them in years!)
Tatsunoko V.S Capcom for the Wii (awesome)
A Cookie press Gun
A art book on Salvador Dali <3
A japanese cook book
Sone pajamas
An outfit
And my favorite, A Momiji Inubashiri Fleese Blanket (pictures will be posted)

Thankyou so much everyone for all the gifts and wishes! I appreciate it so much and i truelly love you all! I hope everyone reading this had a merry christmas and happy holiday~!

Cirno and nazrin cosplay pictures are on the way also!
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Just got back from Youmacon a little over a week ago..
It took me forever to actually get all my photos uploaded
So if you want to see them then go here:

Things i bought at the con were mostlly wigs-
+ Wig for Tenshi from Angel Beats
+ Pink wig for Stocking and who ever else!
+ Short Grey wig for Nazrin
+ Long Blonde wig for Shinobu and whoever else!

I also Bought one H doujin  and a Hapiness Bunny Plush from Shinchan and a hair clip from the artist alley.
That was all enough to please me! <3

So now I am just kind of relaxing, doing the school thing, uploading cosplay pics. (so expect alot of Cirno and Sanya cosplay pictures soon!)

I will upload a few at a time tho x3

Also working on a couple essays for school! BLEH!
but hey its what i gotta do!

My next cosplays will be
Nazrin : Momocon 2010
Tenshi Angel beats :undecided
Parsee : for fun!

Thats all i feel like revealing for now >O>
Thanks for reading!
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Youmacon is right around the corner on the calendar!
One week away! And i still havent finished my costumes!
I am working on finishing:

* My momiji cosplay: adding a few details
* My boyfriends Aya Shameimaru (male ver.) Costume
* My Halloween Marisa outfit that i will be wearing during Halloween evening

Other things on my to do list are:
Picking classes tomorrow
Begin my essay (due the same day i leave to michigan for youma xD)
and go to the dentist! (so i can put in some fangs for my momiji cosplay)
I hope the fangs will look cute! In any case i will use them later for a scarlet sister.
Which one should i do tho..?

I recentlly took many Momiji cosplay pictures and i dont want to flood DA with all my cosplays many do you guys thing is appropriate to post? 5? 10 ? 15? Let me know your answer!

Plus that convention is coming so i will have even MORE photos after that!
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So i just recentlly got back from Anime Weekend in Atlanta and had the time of my life!
Had a great time with my friends, met so many great people, enterd the costume contest, and even help run the touhou panel! <33
It was the greatest and will be hard to beat!
Thankyou friends who invited me along! You are the best!
I am very pleased with all the items i purchased!
Such as:
Shikieiki Yamaxanadu Griffen Figure (exspensive? yes. Me care? NEVER!)
4 Touhou Doujin
Touhou Project Art project
Patchouli poster
Kitten necklace thing <3
Silver Forest Sound track
Yellow Zebra Sounctrack

SUCH A GREAT CON! I will never forget it!!
its so unfortunate that i have to jump back into reality!
Id be nice just to live life as a touhou character, ya know?
Other than all those rough danmaku battles all the time ;3
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So much is going on in one week!
Balancing school and sewing my cosplay, i can barely even cram in time to socialize or have a decent conversation! AWA is this weekend and i am very excited! I love my group and cant wait to party and chill with them!
I am just hopeing i remember to bring everything ill need
like :
A hot glue gun
hand sewing needles
and paint

All these are just small things in case we need any repairs! Conventions can get pretty crazy and ANYTHING can break!

My shikieiki cosplay is almost done! I have to do a couple things to the hat, make the shoulder pads, then the bows on the shoes, THEN I THINK ILL BE FINISHED!

But i also have a essay due thursday, and a test thursday, and maybe ill get my contacts thursday too, Thursday is ALSO the day we are leaving, THAT THURSDAY IS SO IMPORTANT!

Anyways i am off to school now! Yay English 101 and PEER REVIEW!
Hope they like my paper about Circle contact lens ;3
I entered my Tenshi Hinanai cosplay on American Cosplay Paradise Touhou contest!
If you have an account please sign in and vote for my cosplay!

I know there are alot of good cosplays on there and who are porbably also your friends! But i would really REALLY appriciate your vote!

If you do thankyou so much,
If not, Well maybe next time.

I honestlly do regret not entering my Momiji.
Mt tenshi is pretty accurate, Its just the photos arnt very fancy. ._.
I can honestlly take any help i can get

So heres the Link  -->…
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I thought id post updates!
[Btw im like half awake while posting this so make fun of my grama mistakes all you want]

Currently getting ready for my Fall 2010 college classes at Tri County Tech. I am excited. Yet nervous! oh well! i just have to fix up my schedule a bit. Hopefull i will later get my license and maybe a job so i can dress like Poplar! LOL yeah right no job has that outfit. [if you know of a job with an outfit like this, inform me] So i am preparing for classes and also am excited for AWA! [Anime Weekend in Atlanta] :iconsqueeeplz:

My cosplays for AWA will be

* Kogasa Tatara
* Shikieiki Yamaxanadu

I am really really excited to see alot of my friends there and i hope to spend sometime with them! We wiol also see if there are many touhous around! Then i can send each to hell. So one day scare them all, then another they all BURN IN FLAMES!!!! MUHAHA! jkjk I love my fwends!

Anyways almost halway done with shiki's hat thats to one of my Awesome friends help! Thankyou again!!

That is all.
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Because Levsta is awsome and told me to:

:iconmomijiishappyplz: :_iconmomijiishappyplz_:
:iconimhappyplz: :_iconimhappyplz_:
:iconsikieikiisangryplz: :_iconsikieikiisangryplz:
:iconshockedsuwakoplz: :_iconshockedsuwakoplz_:
:icongetdownplz: :_icongetdownplz_:
:iconyukarapefaceplz: :_iconyukarapefaceplz_:
:iconthinksplz: :_iconthinksplz_:
:iconsaysplz: :_iconsaysplz_:
:iconmokouplz: :_iconmokouplz:
:iconsuwakowhatplz: :_iconsuwakowhatplz_:
:iconicantbelieveitplz: :iconicantbelieveitplz :
:iconadowableplz: :iconadowableplz :
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So I just went downstairs to my new basement room that I love SO SO much!
and what do I find. Momiji let my room FLOOD! D:<

I have a door from outside to my basement room. Turns out the drain outside was clogged and I walked in on all this water pouring from under my door into my room. I freaked out alot. On that door I have a big momiji inubashiri magnet cut-out and she "guards my door" Guess not!

Me and my mother are franticly running around with towels and are
beginning to run out! a@;;

This is such a crazy night! So much drama!
And now I am cold with wet feet.

Thanks momiji. Thanks.
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So I just signed up to Deviant Art today! Horray! I am no good at Online journals since i already have a paper journal i take with me everywhere! I am trying to get to know more people and my community around me. I don't want to be a NEET forever. I just hope that I have time for cosplay and my other hobbies once i am balancing college classes and new work.

I have never had an actual job..

So its about time I end this lazy vacation and get back to working hard on cosplay
To do list for kogasa:

Ill add another time C:

I am definitely looking forward to some summer cosplay photos!
Out for the Night!